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Joe's FingerPrint (short sleeve) Chambray

This shirt design was drawn by Joe's girlfriend Kayla as a special gift in memory of Joe. One of Joe's original shirt ideas involved a beautiful tree similar to the one Kayla drew for this design. She also wanted to incorporate a special part of Joe into this picture so she used his fingerprint to create the unique texture on the bark of the tree. Drew, one of Joe's friends, discovered the quote that perfectly encompasses the meaning behind this design. We have all been impacted, at some point in our lives, by an exceptional person or group of people. Even though we may have lost these wonderful individuals to events, such as death or even illnesses like Alzheimer's disease, we will never forget the mark they have made on our lives. This shirt is a beautiful reminder that their fingerprints will never fade from the lives they have touched.

Joe's FingerPrint (short sleeve) Chambray

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